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The work these days comes at the endish of what has been a long career, and is now, I believe, the most demanding and important I’ve ever attempted. I guess I’m less afraid than when I was younger–pained to grow old, yes; about the state of the world and what seems to be so much confusion and chaos; that people are suffering, so often pointlessly. And in all this, my heart cries out. What you see in my work is not so much an investigation of form or themes as it is an attempt to turn that cry into something beautiful, something useful, something that plays. Come, you are invited: be uplifted if you will, be inspired — be a part of it. –Bill


years of experience


An English Literature degree from Lehigh University in hand, Bill studied for his MFA with the great Paul Baker at the Dallas Theater Center and went on to several years of study with the master, Paul Curtis, founding genius of the American Mime Theater in New York City. Co-founding People’s Theatre Company in 1976, he, his wife Bridget, and colleague Lorraine Zeller-Agostino went on to found Touchstone Theatre in 1981. Then, striking out on his own in 1990 to explore “theatre of transcendence”, Bill began Kingfisher Theatre, returning to Touchstone full-time in 2003. Now, roughly fifty years since the creative journey began–newly minted in 2022 as Touchstone’s first Ensemble Member Emeritus–he and Bridget, with their two children, Anisa and Sam, have established a cultural center, LIttle Pond Arts Retreat, as a refuge for artists and all who are interested in the intersection of creativity, harmony with Nature, and spirituality. It is here where Kingfisher Theatre has its home.

Little Pond rests on the ancestral lands of the Lenni-Lenape people, infamously swindled from them during the “Walking Purchase” of 1737.

Bill George

Bill George (Theatre Artist) received his B.A. in English Literature from Lehigh University and his M.F.A. in Theatre from the Dallas Theatre Centre of Trinity University. He studied mime with Paul Curtis of The American Mime Theatre, co-founded the People’s Theatre Company in 1977 and later was the Founding Producing Director of Touchstone Theatre in 1981. During a hiatus from Touchstone in 1990, Bill founded Kingfisher Theatre to promote and house his artistic work and created Little Pond Arts Retreat in Nazareth, Pennsylvania with his wife Bridget–a retreat center dedicated to exploring the art of transcendence. During this interregnum he toured to Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, and throughout Canada and the United States with his original dramas: The Kingfisher’s Wing and The Marriage of Munirih Khanum. These works, dedicated to the challenges of representing “sacred” story on the stage, were inspired by stories from the Baha’i Faith. In 2003, Bill returned as a full-time Ensemble Member to Touchstone, his artistic tribe.

Bill’s recent work for Touchstone Theatre has included a major role in the conception, development, and production of its Festival Unbound. Launched in 2019, this extraordinary festival built on Touchstone’s acclaimed Steel Festival: The Art of an Industry (1998), which included the nationally recognized, community-based drama, Steelbound. Staged among the preserved remains of Bethlehem Steel and in which Bill played the steel worker Prometheus, Steelbound gave birth twenty years later to a sequel and a return to character in Prometheus Redux, written by Gerard Stropnicky.

Touchstone’s first “Ensemble Member Emeritus” as of September 1st of 2022, Bill has served as a panelist and adjudicator for the National Endowment for the Arts, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the Maryland State Arts Council, the Barrymore Awards of Philadelphia, and currently serves on the board of the legendary Godfrey Daniels Coffee House. Bill now turns his attention back to Kingfisher Theatre and his work with his beloved wife, daughter, and son—Bridget, Anisa, and Sam–at Little Pond Arts Retreat.



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