Whether you’re interested in having Bill perform at your venue, collaborate on a project, adapt a text, act, direct, teach, or just make small talk–the possibilities are endless; get in touch at the contact information below or stop by and see us at Little Pond just outside of Nazareth, Pa–that’d be a joy.

original productions

Kingfisher’s Wing, the story of Badi,
The Marriage of Munirih Khánum,
Poochi Learns to Ride a Bicycle,
The Whitman Piece,
Of Arrows and Roses

Community Based work

Don Quixote of Bethlehem, Produced and Adapted;
The Maafa, Co-Produced;
A Resting Place, Performed Dan Rice;
Journey from the East, Co-wrote and Performed


Mr. Bach Comes to Call, adapted and directed for the Bach Choir of Bethlehem and Classical Kids;
56 Photos and an Old Man Dancing, created and performed for Lehigh University Art Galleries


Mask & Movement,
Devised Work,
Organic Creation,
Theatre and Spirituality

what we do:

WE COLLABORATE WITH you, associate artists as appropriate, & a clear but ever-evolving inspiration

…to bring forth Performance, art

“Art: can serve itself–art for art’s sake; it can seek to advance a social good or to educate–the equality of men and women, perhaps; or it might be used to sell, seduce, brainwash, build a bridge… The angel is one hard working divinity, but she is an angel never the less. Our culture is shifting, transitioning from ubiquitous marketplace values towards more inclusive, compassionate, and human-centric ones. Our work together will naturally be subject to these forces as well.” — Bill

“Think of this moment. All that has ever been is in this moment; all that will be is in this moment. Both are meeting in one living flame, in this unique instant of time. This is drama; this is theatre—to be aware of the Now.”–

Robert Edmond Jones
the dramatic imagination


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